Hi! I’m a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne. I’ve come to Lausanne from the University of Zurich, where I completed my PhD in 2021.

My research interests branch widely. Most of my research is about the role of knowledge in international affairs. To be more specific, I analyze the historical conditions under which scientific information and research material were exchanged, and how people brought knowledge from one place to another. Thematically, my publications revolve around cybernetics, constructivism, computing, scientific modeling, particle physics and nuclear technoscience. These various strands of interests are brought together in a new research project in which I investigate international data sharing in physics. This new project builds on questions raised in my first book project.

I’ve designed courses on a variety of topics at the intersection of education, media, technology, science and history. In one of my recent seminars, students have practiced their writing skills. Their texts are published in entropie.

Fields of interests

  • Science, technology and media from the mid-20th century to the present
  • Scientific internationalism and scientific exchange relations during the Cold War
  • History of knowledge and historical epistemology
  • Cultural and transnational historiography

Contact barbara.hof@unil.ch. I’m on researchgate and my UNIL website is here.